It was a love at first sight with Rebel Cajon,–I could not get my eyes of the beautiful design. It is the first cajon I can sit on for a long time, without feeling any discomfort. Since I like creative approach to music, I truly appreciate the diversity of drum sounds it offers, not only on the front panel, but also on the side walls and rear panel.

(Juraj, Colorful People)


It’s a masterpiece. I was amazed how innovative and beautiful this cajon is. The sound is mind blowing: perfect snare sound with a huge bass sound. I really liked what I heard on YouTube before, but after I tried it, I fell in love with it immediately!”

(Mark Maczak, professional drummer, Budapest,, Amigod band)


It was love at first sight with Cajon Wenge. I could immediately appreciate the artisanal craftsmanship, and the quality of sound. The front panel reacts promptly and sensitively to the slightest touch. It offers a huge variety of options to a skilled musician. What makes this instrument really special though is the adjustable snare sound and comfortable seat.

(Michal Skácel, King Shaolin)


The snare drum sound make from Rebel an entirely new music instrument. The seating is so comfortable that it is hard to stop playing!

(Majo, drummer, Považská Bystrica)


I play on cajon Vintage, and I am maximally satisfied with the sound and design. A comfortable leather seat is a big plus as well.

(Tomáš K., percussionist, Snina)