About Rebel


We are a team of people with a passion for music, and we cooperate on various projects. Engineers and professional musicians, we enjoy what we do.

Our cooperation has inspired us to innovate cajon as a musical instrument, and this journey eventually led to establishment of Rebel Cajon company, and the Rebel cajon brand.

We focus on precise craft work. All our cajons are hand made from top-quality Baltic birch from Finland, and we use only natural wax oils.

Particular components (such as screws, seat, legs, membrane, etc) come from top-notch producers from Germany, United States, and also from local craftsmen.

Each Rebel cajon is unique with its design and innovative sound.

The Rebel Brand was inspired by people who refused to give up on their freedom and joy from music, and that’s how cajon was invented…

Our main goal is to bring you freedom, and joy.

Rebel Cajon team

Pictures from R&D

Prvý prototyp cajona Rebel

First prototype of Rebel cajon, 2016


Second prototype

Present times – Rebel cajon with patented design